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Set up, Manage and Protect your Apple devices at Work [Sponsor]

Set up, Manage and Protect your Apple devices at Work [Sponsor]

If you have ever set up new devices, you know that it can require a decent amount of time to configure them. This is especially true if employees have multiple devices. After setting up the devices, keeping an inventory of them, their settings and apps, can be quite tedious.

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution can greatly reduce the time it takes to set up and deliver ongoing management. Bushel is a cloud-based MDM solution, allowing you to inventory and manage all of them quickly at anytime from anywhere. For instance, you can configure company email accounts or enter Wi-Fi passwords one time, and Bushel will push them out to all of your devices with a single click.

Enrolling devices in a management solution may sound like a lot of work, but Bushel makes it simple. Bushel gives you a unique web address that you or your users can visit on a device that you would like to manage. The user provides answers to a few, simple questions and within a couple clicks, the device is enrolled and ready to be managed.

With Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), devices that are purchased through this program can automatically enroll and apply specified settings when they are turned on. That way your employees and colleagues can receive managed devices that are still in the shrink-wrap … you don’t even have to touch them.

At the end of the day, security is king. With Bushel, you can ensure that sensitive company information on all Apple devices remains secure. You can enforce passcodes and encryption and even remotely lock or wipe a device over the air. Being a part of Apple’s DEP also unlocks advanced, supervised security settings that take your device management to the next level.

Apps are the key to a great mobile experience. Bushel allows you to centrally select and send apps over the air and even reassign them as your workforce changes. Through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) you can purchase apps in bulk and own them as a company, rather than tying them to a specific person and Apple ID. This makes sending out and reassigning applications quick and easy.

Bushel makes device management simple and affordable for everyone, so businesses can support their users without help from IT. Manage your first 3 devices for free, and add more for just $2/device/month. Start managing your devices with Bushel today!

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